Gift Ideas

For thousands of years, some people have been so desperate to find love that they turned to magic in the hope that a spell or potion on Valentine’s Day will help them meet their future partner. We cannot say whether magical powers are real or not, but we can say that there is a lot to be said about affirmations and the power of positive thinking.

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Chocolates, fluffy teddies, red roses an champagne may be the order of the day for most of us on Valentines day, but around the world there are some really unusual and very unique traditions that are also observed on the day of love…

Giri Choco

This Japanese Valentines tradition is a weird one and involves women buying their male colleagues chocolates! Translated, the words mean ‘obligation chocolate’ and tradition dictates that women treat the men they work with on February the 14th! Continua leyendo

Dating Advice

If you are madly in love and want to impress your other half but you’re also on a very tight budget, planning a Valentines Date might be a little tricky.

Your budget is more cream bun than caviar and you can’t afford a fancy night out but you still want to make your loved one feel special.

What can you do? Keep reading, as our great budget Valentines Day date ideas will ensure that you make your other half feel like a million bucks… Continua leyendo