5 Different Ways That Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Around The World


Valentine’s Day is quite possibly the most recognised holiday around the world, which is celebrated on the 14th of February. While the tradition of exchanging flowers and chocolates is the most common practice to mark the day, in some countries, there are other traditions that also coincide with the internationally recognised day of love.

Bulgaria – Winemaking And Drinking

With chocolates and flowers the norm on Valentine’s Day, Bulgaria also celebrates the day of San Trifon Zarezan on the 14th of February. This translates roughly to the Trifon the Pruner, and was originally celebrated by vineyard owners, falconers, innkeepers, and gardeners who honoured Saint Tryphon, who was the Eastern Orthodox Church’s patron saint of these careers. This is also when grapes were pruned back, and vineyards blessed by priests.  Nowadays, couples of all ages share in this tradition by drinking a few glasses of wine together and enjoying a meal alongside those they love.

Denmark – Pressed Flowers

An ancient Valentine’s Day tradition was to present your loved ones with pressed flowers since fresh flowers were hard to find in the winter season. In Denmark, this tradition is still alive and well, and on 14 February, couples, friends and lovers exchange handwritten and handmade cards, with delicate white, pressed snowdrops secured within them as a token of affection and appreciation.

Estonia – The Day Of Friends

While Valentine’s Day is thought of as only a day for couples in most countries, in Estonia, the 14th of February is the day for everyone to celebrate together. It is called Sobrapaev, which roughly translates to friendship day, and is a day when children make cards for those they care for, adults and friends exchange gifts of affection, and in general, everyone feels loved and cared for by at least one other person.

The Philippines- A Free Wedding

While around the world, some people do get married on 14 February, it’s not usually done en-mass. In the Philippines, however, the 14th of February is when thousands of couples get together to tie the knot.  These weddings are usually sponsored by the municipal government and other sponsors who handle everything from flowers to cakes, to music, and are a way for those who live in poverty to be able to enjoy a special wedding day of their own.

Ghana – Chocolate Day

Everyone loves chocolates, whether they’re snacking on it in front of the TV enjoying some Aussie slot online action. In Ghana, they celebrate National Chocolate Day on 14 February, and have since the day was created in 2005. Ghana is the second-largest exporter of cocoa beans in the world, and they make good use of their top national export on this day. You’ll find many chocolate tastings available, as well as unique main menu items like chocolate chili steaks as well as desserts like chocolate pudding and brownies and ice-cream.

With so many unique traditions to pick between, you can break the mould of gifting flowers to your someone special and create your own special tradition with the one you love.