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The Worst Valentines Day Gifts Ever


When it comes to bad Valentines Day presents, there are so many that could lead to a break up, rather than a night of passion.

We’ve taken a look at some of the worst gifts that have ever been given by one half of a couple that probably spent the rest of the night- and the foreseeable future- alone!

An Exes Perfume

Believe it or not this is something a lot of men are guilty of. They buy their new girlfriend the same scent their ex had. Not only is it one they are familiar with, it may also be one that has some good memories attached and they don’t mind who is wearing it.

But the current partner does. This is only a safe bet if you know your ex and current partner will ever meet, and that they have no idea what scent the other wears but remember, women pay attention to details like this, so if there is even the tiniest chance, beware!

A Smartphone

Nothing says stalker more than a gift that lets you constantly stay in contact with your partner. A smartphone may be an expensive gift and you may need to splash out and use your online pokies Australia winnings to buy one but it is a bit creepy, especially if you are in a new relationship.

Dental Hygiene Products

Tongue scrapers are not romantic. Repeat after me. If you want to brush (pardon the pun) up your partner’s dental hygiene, don’t use the most romantic day of the year to do this.

Rather keep this for a fun shopping trip at a later date, and avoid the floss and mouthwash for Valentines Day!

A Pet

Unless you have discussed this well in advance and have a steady and stable relationship do NOT buy your significant other a pet as a gift.

A pet is a long-term commitment and you don’t want to be stuck rehoming a Toy Pom or a rabbit when things go sour.

A Soft Toy

Your partner isn’t 12. When you were a teenager this may have been an acceptable gift but now, soft toys are cute when carried around by a toddler.

You may be a bit weirded out if you saw your partner’s bed covered in teddy bears, so keep this in mind.

An Appliance

Step away from the washing machine, the dishwasher, that shiny set of frying pans or that handy kitchen gadget.

If you like being one half of a couple, never ever gift an appliance or kitchen implement for Valentines Day. Unless you are splashing out on an expensive coffee machine, steer clear of anything that is related to the kitchen!

A Life Insurance Policy

Believe it or not this is actually a gift that has been given quite a few times.  Along with side-by-side burial plots it’s one that should be avoided at all costs, as it pretty much says that you are waiting for your partner to die so you can cash in.

No. It doesn’t mean “look how much you are worth to me’ no matter what anyone else says!