Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Lady


Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentines Day is around the corner, and we’ve got just the gift list for you. Let’s face it, even when she says that all she wants on Valentines Day is you, she would appreciate a thoughtful gift that comes from you. Bonus points if its not the same coupon book you got her last year – it is only cute the first time.

It may seem like a difficult task, and in some respects it may be. She already has a million pairs of shows and more perfume than you can count, so what do you get her? Before you start panicking, take a deep breath and keep reading, we’ve got your back.

A Pamper Day

For the princess in your life, a day of pampering will go down pretty well. Why not look into a spa day? You could even make it a couple’s day and join in on the fun too. To change things up, and for a more personal approach, you can set up your home for the ultimate home spa day. Some company’s offer services to do so if you’re not up for the challenge.

Pack Your Bags and Go on an Adventure

Nothing screams romance quite like a weekend away. So why not find out where she would like to go and make a trip out of it? Not only will it satisfy her travel bug, but it will also score you some major brownie points and a social media feature or two. There are so many options, you could go hiking if you’re looking for adventure or find a cosy bed and breakfast located in a town that neither of you had visited before. Or you can enjoy a staycation and visit an online casino Dubai together.

Go With the Classics

Flowers and chocolates have long been the staple for a reason. Studies have found that 40% of women crave chocolate, with 75% of them saying that nothing else can satisfy this craving. Throw in a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers and you’ve got a winner on your hands. Another great addition to this classic duo is a good bottle of wine and maybe a scented candle or two.

A Night Out

Take a look at what events are taking place, and if any of them happen to be something she would enjoy, book two tickets and surprise her with a night out on the town. If there is nothing happening, try discovering a new restaurant or heading to an art gallery or museum. Another great option is to look into food and wine pairings or another culinary experience that you guys would otherwise not do.

At the end of the day, the thought counts more than anything else. However, if you are able to provide a thoughtful gift that proves that you listen to her – even when she rambles on about some foreign concept you have no clue about – you will find yourself making quite the statement.