Gift Ideas

Romantic Gestures for Valentine’s Day


It is of course good to be romantic every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day gives us all the excuse to be sentimental, romantic and to offer romantic gestures whether big or small, or even gigantic.  The 14 February is an extra special day where you can tell the person you love just how special they are.

Of course with this special day comes a certain amount of pressure to show your loved one just how you feel, and doing things a little differently can make a big difference.   These gestures do not necessarily need to be grand and expensive, a small gift is often more thoughtful than an expensive one.

Being Attentive

We all want to be listened to, especially by those whom we love.  Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show them how you feel by showing them that you have listened when they have shared things with you.

Your loved one may have told you about a book they would like to read or a special place they may have been.  Why not surprise them with a holiday to that place or buy the book for them.  There also be a special event your loved one has shared with you, why not recreate this event and make a special romantic gesture out of it.

Pop the Big Question

Why not pop the question on the most romantic day of the year?  You can really go all out for this occasion and can include things like a getaway, treasure hunt and even the traditional bended knee.

You and your loved one may have discussed a destination you would both like to go to and have not made it there yet.  There may be a restaurant that you both love or choose the place where you first met and recreate the moment.

Celebrate with Food

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with food is always a winner.  Try something new this Valentine’s Day and join a cooking class or have a picnic at a special place.  Breakfast in bed may seem cliché, but it is still one of the most special gestures.

Maybe a high-end restaurant is what your loved one may enjoy, a chance to get dressed up and enjoy an evening you would not usually do.  Best to start saving now, or spend some time playing real money online pokies and see if you can land a big win!

Be Creative

Being creative does not come naturally to all of us, but writing a poem from the heart, or giving your loved one a love letter is just one way of showing your loved one how you feel.  Surprise them with their favourite food; bake a special cake you know they will like.

It does not really matter what you do as long as it comes from the heart and shows your loved one how you feel about them and to remind them how much they mean to you.

Even though you may not have a way with words or be a MasterChef or be a DIY expert it really is the effort you put in and showing that you have taken time to produce a personal and special gift.  Being creative is also a way to save some cash, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be expensive.