Gift Ideas

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts


Forget roses and chocolates, teddy bears and lingerie, there are some couples who want to surprise their significant other with something truly unique for Valentine’s Day. We’ve rounded up some great ideas that are a bit unusual, and we know that there are some people who will simply love giving them, and receiving them too!

Matching Coffee Mugs

Never mind boring his and hers matching mugs, get matching mugs that are really relevant to you. You can print something that is personal to your relationship, or have two halves of a picture printed across each mug to make one full image.

An Awesome Hourglass

Clocks can be lovely romantic reminders of your time together, but an awesome hourglass is even better. You’ll find hourglasses filled with everything from colourful sand to glitter, and can choose the one that most closely relates to your relationship, or your partners personality.

Engraved Candle Holders

If yours is a love that will burn forever, this is a great idea. You can have candle holders engraved or sandblasted and they’ll not only be unique, they’ll be perfectly personal too.

A Special Book

If there’s a book that you’d love to gift your loved one, now is the time. A first edition or signed copy of a book is first prize, especially if you are feeling flush after winning big at Casino Mate, but otherwise a book that has a deep meaning to you, or you both, is ideal.

An Artwork

What better gift than something you can hang in your home and be reminded of your Valentine all year round? From framed photographs to artwork from a renowned artist, your options here are endless.

Sponsor a Shelter Pet

If your loved one loves animals, why not sponsor a shelter pet in their name. This is a wonderful gesture and you don’t have to limit it to domestic animals, you could opt for adopting a cheetah or a panda too!

A Shared Experience

A gift doesn’t have to be a trinket or object, it can be an experience too. From a hot air balloon ride to sky diving, to driving a race car, there are so many wonderful ideas for shared experiences that you can enjoy.

A Weekend Getaway

…or longer if you are lucky! Everyone loves a holiday, and what better time of the year to go away than on Valentine’s Day! You can even book a Honeymoon suite, even if it’s not your honeymoon, but you want that extra special dose of romance.

A Spa Day

Who doesn’t love being pampered? A spa day, either together or solo is a great way to spoil your valentine and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

Luxury Goods

A Louis Vuitton handbag, a Gucci watch, a D&G jacket or any other designer label item is always a real treat, and a great way to spoil a loved one. If you really want to splash out, a luxury goods item is the way to go!