Gift Ideas

The Best Wedding Present For Your Bride


Exchanging wedding gifts between groom and bride is a romantic tradition many couples observe with sentimental and meaningful items which they can treasure for many happy anniversaries. Grooms have lots of choices to give their brides, from practical ideas to romantic options, that she will be sure to love. Here are some of our top picks.

Romantic Fill-in-the-Blank Book

If your wife is a complete romantic, then we’ve found the absolutely ideal wedding gift for her. The How Do I Love Thee From A-Z book is a fill-in-the-blank book with 26 sweet and thoughtful prompts to assist you with expressing what she means to you. Warning: may cause happy tears.

A Personalised Handkerchief

Is there anything more special and memorable than a personalised gift? One of the best gift ideas for you to give to your bride is a wedding handkerchief. Let your bride see her name on something which she can adore! Personalise it so she will be able to treasure it forever.

Love Note Letter Locket

Jewellery is always a good wedding gift idea for your future wife. Make it incredibly creative with an envelope-shaped locket. Inside, make sure there’s a very sweet surprise: a mini metal letter which is printed with a custom word, date or name.

Lace Parasol

Lace parasols are the ideal gift for a day at the beach, a gentle stroll through the park, or even a wedding. With pretty lace trim and delicate frills, the bride to be will love carrying it on her wedding day. Also, these lace umbrellas are functional and will keep you cool and comfortable in the sun.

Funny Presents For Light-Hearted Brides

A bride who has a sense of humour is someone who deserves a gift which honours her frivolous side. Choose something like:

  • “Headache tonight” basket – Pick up things for your bride that she can use when she doesn’t feel like being romantic. Think about fuzzy slippers, ugly plaid pyjama pants, headache medicine, a book by her favourite author and face mask.
  • Klutz-proof wedding supplies – If your bride has a tendency to trip, spill and fall, or go through any other type of wedding blooper, pick her up things to keep her balanced. Look out for a big white bib for her to wear over her wedding dress at the reception, pick up canvas slip-ons for the walk down the aisle and give her a magnet that says 911.
  • Your face on anything – Buy cookies, candy, shirts, socks, and more which all feature a print of your (the groom’s) face.
  • His and hers sheet sets – Look for ones where “her side” is nearly the entire bed. These sheets are fun and practical!

Milestone Maps Wall Art

Are you looking for something really sentimental to surprise your bride with? Map out your love story with custom wall art. This gift celebrates the day on which you first met, the first time you played together at Canadian keno sites, the day she became your fiancée and the day you’ll exchange wedding vows all in one very cute package.