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Roses and the Meanings Behind Them


Buying a loved one roses is the perfect way to display your affection. These beautiful blooms have been prized for years for their amazing looks and stunning scent – but did you know that there are meanings behind their different colours, too?

That’s right, giving someone red roses can send an entirely different message to gifting them white or pink roses. It might seem old-fashioned to buy flowers based on their meanings, but your loved ones will certainly appreciate the effort and the thought behind your gesture. Here is a handy guide to rose colours and meanings so that you can convey your love, affection or gratitude appropriately!

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic and beloved way to say, “I love you.” They symbolise passion, romance, love, beauty and perfection. Deep, dark red roses can also convey unconscious beauty. Take a bunch of red roses to a date or your anniversary dinner and you won’t fail to win the heart of your significant other, and if you’ve won big with online betting NZ splash out on an extra-large bouquet!

White Roses

The purest of colours, white roses symbolise innocence, charm and purity. They are classically used at weddings, and can also represent new beginnings and joyous events. Some folks also use white roses as a symbol of remembrance.

Pink Roses

Pink roses can convey feelings of gratitude, admiration and happiness. This colour of roses is also often associated with grace, gentleness, gladness and sweetness, making them perfect for special occasions like baby showers, christenings and birthdays.

Yellow Roses

Yellow is a bright, joyful and cheerful colour. Giving someone yellow roses is a great way to thank them for the happiness that their friendship or care has brought you. This is a good colour choice for platonic or family relationships as well.

Orange Roses

Giving someone orange roses is an effective way to communicate feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and desire. Gift your significant other or new date a bunch to symbolise your passion and excitement for your relationship and future.

Lavender Roses

Lavender or purple roses have long been used to symbolise love at first sight. Give a loved one purple roses to remind them of your love and your commitment to the relationship you share with them. If you are flirting with or attempting to woo someone you like, this colour is also a fantastic choice.

Peach Roses

Are you in need of a way to express your gratitude or thank someone for a kindness they have done for you? Peach roses are the perfect way to show your gratitude and appreciation. They are also suitable for birthday gifts and special events.

Green Roses

Green roses are not entirely green, but rather a green-tinged shade of white. Offering these roses as a gift symbolises new life, abundant growth and the constant renewal of energy and of life. Green roses signify the rejuvenation of spirit, and are great to give to someone as a ‘get well soon’ gesture.