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Awful and Inappropriate Valentines Day Gifts


Valentines Day is a time to show that someone special in your life just how much you love them, but sometimes we get it wrong. Very, very wrong.

Take a look at some of the most inappropriate Valentines Day gifts ever, and make sure you steer clear when February comes around.

A Naughty Gift – At Work

If you’re going to surprise your loved one at work, make sure that the gift is something like flowers, chocolates or a plushy toy. A naughty gift is completely inappropriate for the workplace, so keep the lingerie and adult toys for when you see each other in person.

A Bad Taste Card

If you’ve been together for awhile this may be less inappropriate, but if you are recently dating the last thing you want to do is send a card that says something awkward like I love your face… I’ll keep it in the freezer after you die…

A Fake Ring

If you know that your partner has been dying for you to pop the question the cruellest thing you can do is buy them a fake ring. From a coffee cup with a ring to an inflatable pool toy, steer clear of ANYTHING that will make them think you are popping the question. And, if you are opting for jewellery, make sure it’s not in a ring box!

Flowers from the Corner Shop

Nothing says I forgot to buy you something more than a squashed bouquet of half dead flowers picked up from the service station or café. If you have forgotten rather make a gift voucher for a night out or a night in playing online casino Singapore games, if that’s more you and your beloved’s cup of tea.

A Household Appliance

Valentines Day is NOT the time to buy that electric frying pan or vacuum cleaner your partner has being eyeing out. These gifts are completely inappropriate and will see you land in the dog box for a while, if not permanently.

Personal Hygiene Products

Believe it or not, this happens. Imagine, you unwrap your beautifully wrapped gift box to discover an electric razor or back shaver… It’s a no. If you’re keen to drop hints about the other person’s hygiene habits, Valentines Day is not the right time. Perfume or eau de cologne is however acceptable, but steer clear of the sets that include soap and deodorant too!

Joke Gifts

If you are in a long-term relationship and you don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, or you both have a great sense of humour and no other expectations of the day, then joke gifts are fine. But generally, they are a no-no and make you look cheap and a little silly. So that T-shirt that fits 2 or the massager that is actually a water pistol needs to go in the bin, and you need to go shopping, as often even the least romantic, hard-hearted person expects a little more on Valentines Day.