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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring


Not so long ago, selecting the perfect engagement ring required just a couple of questions: princess or emerald cut? White gold or yellow? At the moment, there’s a lot more to consider when figuring out when, where as well as how to buy an engagement ring. Here, the best tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Start With Setting A Budget

Some of the major questions many engagement ring buyers ask are: “How much are engagement rings?” or “How much money should you be spending on a wedding ring?” You could have heard about the commonly mentioned rule of thumb which sets the average budget for an engagement ring at around two months’ salary.

Interestingly enough, this notion was generated by quite a very clever and effective advertising campaign that was designed for a large diamond producer in the US throughout the lean 1930s. Although this campaign first set the average amount at approximately one month’s salary, a follow-up campaign in the 80s set the current perceived standard with the following words: “Two months’ salary presented the future Mrs Smith with what the future would be like.”

Contrary to this popular guideline, when it comes to engagement ring budgeting, nothing is really set in stone. Every single couple is different, so rather than following strict rules or guidelines on your engagement ring budget, take a more personal approach. Set down a budget that you are comfortable with. Even if it’s more or less than two months’ salary or as much as you won recently at a Canada casino online it should be realistic.

Determine Your Potential Fiancé(e)’s Ring Size

When a proposal takes place, the ring should slide on easily however have a little resistance so that it doesn’t fall off when worn. Finding the correct ring size is simple if the couple is shopping together however it can be more challenging when the proposal is a surprise.

Choosing the correct ring size is easy if you follow a ring size chart. All that you’ll need to do is measure your finger or that of your spouse-to-be and correlate the measurement to the correct ring size listed on the chart.

While measuring your partner for their ring size for yourself is one entirely thing, it’s a very different matter if you’re wanting to keep the purchase a surprise! Here are a couple of ideas which will assist you with finding out your future spouse’s ring size without tipping them off to your plans:

Get Some Assistance From Your Partner’s Friends And Family

If you ask a person who is close to your partner and knows them well, you may very well be lucky enough that they already know the answer from previous conversations. And if not, ask them to work the question into conversation subtly.

Measure Their Ring Size While They Sleep

This one can be incredibly tricky if they’re a light sleeper. However, if you’re feeling quite sneaky, try to wrap a piece of string around their finger while they rest and then utilise the above measurements to get their size.