Gift Ideas

The Valentine’s Gifts That Are Also Eco-Friendly


There has been a lot of focus on preserving the environment around us over the last few years, especially with the constant threats of deforestation and climate change.

Buying a gift that’s friendly to the planet is a great way of being kind to the planet as well as showing a partner that it’s possible to swap great gifts without doing any harm.

For those that want to start giving gifts that are thoughtful and friendly to the environment, make use of the following gift ideas.

A Herb Garden

Herbs are one of the best gifts to give, thanks to the number of uses they have. Mint, for example, can be used for everything from cooking to making a room smell good, and when given as a herb in a small indoor planter, it can provide mint leaves for years.

It’s possible to buy plants that comfortably sit on a windowsill, where they grow over the year and constantly create fresh leaves that can be picked at almost any time. Not only is this a plant-friendly gift, but it can even attract certain pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Sponsoring A Tree

Most people like a gift that they can hold in their hands or put to some kind of use, but others may like having a tree sponsored in their name. Trees are incredibly important to the health of the planet, and every tree that’s sponsored creates an entirely new miniature ecosystem for the many animals that rely on it.

Trees are an inexpensive gift, and often the company that plants them will send through the GPS coordinates so that the buyer is able to check exactly where their tree has been planted.


Chocolate is already one of the most popular Valentine’s gift ideas in the world, but not all chocolate is created equal. In fact, many of the more well-known brands that produce chocolate has been implicated in deforestation and child slavery, so it’s worth investing in chocolate that’s both sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

Fortunately, it’s never too difficult to find a company that covers all bases, and usually never cost that much more.

Organic Tea

Most tea that’s bought at the shop usually comes from a monoculture farm, which are not good for the environment. But teas that are labelled organic come from farms that focus on a permaculture approach to growing their crops, making them a much friendlier option overall.

Although these kinds of teas can be much more expensive, they also tend to be stronger, and with much more unique flavours.

An Earth-Friendly Giftbox

For anyone that’s really struggling to find the perfect gift that’s also eco-friendly, there are plenty of options online.

Many companies specialise in creating unique giftboxes that are packed with tasty treats, jewellery, tokens for bingo Australia, and other interesting things that are all designed to be friendly to the environment as possible.