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The Ultimate DIY Valentine Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day has become something of a global phenomenon, with millions of people around the world participating in it every year. There are e lot of traditions associated with the holiday, such as the giving of roses and chocolates, as well as going out for dinner with a loved one.

For those that have been dating for a number of years, it’s easy for buying the right gift to become something of a problem on the day – there are only so many times a red rose and heart-shaped box of chocolates are appealing.

Luckily, there are plenty of different gifts that can be made at home, offering the giver the chance to make something unique that’s special to them and the person they love. Use these ideas as a starting point for making great DIY gifts.

Home-made Bread

Bread is one of the world’s leading staples, but not all bread needs to be the cheap white bread found at the store. It’s extremely easy to make at home, and can be tweaked in a thousand different ways to make it unique. It’s a fantastic idea for a simple and delicious gift, where a self-made wrapping can be used to really seal the deal, complete with a small message.

Bottle Gifts

Instead of buying a large box of chocolates as a single gift, consider instead getting a hold of a large mason jar and filling it with a multitude of interesting goodies.

These can be chosen over time to perfectly fit in the jar, work with the theme of Valentine’s Day, and to give a loved one a true surprise. Small candies, love notes, gift vouchers, and a range of other small presents can be added to make it truly one of a kind, and one that they’ll never forget.

Self-Care Essentials

There’s nothing quite as romantic as taking a long, hot bath with a partner with plenty of candles and good music, but this scenario can be made better with the addition of bath bombs and other great-smelling essentials.

From face care to skin lotions to oil rubs, there are plenty of self-care gifts that can be put together in a small hamper perfect for someone that loves smelling good. Bath bombs are a special favourite, often making baths perfumed enough to fill the entire house and for a relaxing time when we sit back with the games we enjoy.

DIY Liquor

Making alcohol at home is a lengthy process that can go wrong a lot of the time, but if it’s done right, a unique and tasty liquor makes for a really great gift, doubly so when paired with a printed label.

One of the best fruits to use for this is pineapples, as the process is relatively straightforward and produces a strong but tasty beverage that anyone with a love of pineapple will fall in love with. Just keep in mind that it can take a few months before the alcohol is ready, so this is a situation where preparation is definitely the key to success.