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7 Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World


Valentine’s Day comes around each year and the shops are filled with heart-shaped candies, teddy bears, flowers and balloons.

This is the traditional way that many countries celebrate the holiday, but in other countries the day is celebrated in a different way.


In Argentina couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in July and it is called “the week of sweetness” and on this special day couples give chocolates and sweets to people they love and exchange kisses.

This day initially began as a commercial thing, but has become a tradition.


France is where the very first Valentine’s Day card originated; the Duke of Orleans would send love letters to his wife while in prison.  During the 12th and 14th February each year, St Valentin, a French village becomes the centre of romance and is called the “Village of Love”.

People decorate their homes and gardens with love letters and marriage proposals are frequent.


In China, Valentine’s Day or Qixi also known as the Seventh Night Festival is celebrated during the 7th lunar month every year.  According to a Chinese legend the heavenly king’s daughter, Zhinu fell in love with a lowly cowherd, Niu Lang and they secretly married and had twins.

Zhinu’s father discovered their secret and his daughter was forced to leave her husband and children.  When he heard how desperately sad Niu Lang and the twins were he allowed them to meet once a year on Qixi.

On this day the young women in China prepare offerings of fruit hoping that they will find love and couples go to the temple on this day in the hopes of finding happiness and prosperity.  In the evenings they look to the stars in the hopes of seeing the reunion of the lovers, Zhinu and Niu Lang.


In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the traditional way but a tradition has taken root, and on the 14th February mass weddings are held around the Philippines.

Couples get married or renew their marriage vows in various public areas like malls.  These mass weddings have become extremely popular.

Czech Republic

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 1st May instead of the 14th February.  On this day couples go and visit the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha who was a famous poet and make this annual pilgrimage to Petrin Park.

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The Welsh are known for being passionate people and their equivalent of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 25 January and is called Dwynwen’s Day.

On this day couples exchange love spoons, which are beautifully carved wooden spoons and this unique tradition goes as far back as the 16th century.


Dia dos Namorados or the day of lovers is how Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s Day and this takes place on 12 June.

The next day, Saint Anthony’s Day is celebrated the day after and he is the patron saint of marriage.  On this day single women perform various simpatias or rituals and hope that they will be the next to marry.