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The Best Valentine’s Day-Themed Movies


What better way for you to enjoy Valentine’s Day than curled up and snuggling on your couch watching a romantic movie? From modern favourites such as Price & Prejudice to classics such as the 1970’s Love Story there are numerous movies in the romance genre, so we’re here to assist you with narrowing them down.

So get ready to giggle, cry, swoon, and everything else in between with your favourite hunks, lovers, and heroines. If you’re taking some “me time,” celebrating (or sympathising) with friends, or cuddled up with that special someone, here are some of the most romantic movies out there. Be sure to have popcorn and tissues ready!

The Wedding Singer

This classic Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore romance showcases the best of the ’80s, from the fashion and the David Bowie references to the phenomenal soundtrack. This movie will have you smiling at Sandler’s classic comedic antics (and possibly even tearing up at the cuteness of it all).

Always Be My Maybe

Something that is frequently left out of the “high school sweetheart” storyline is the fact that most couples who have been together from their youth will likely witnessed each other in peak adolescent awkwardness. And then sticking by someone’s side after might be the greatest testament of true love.

Always Be My Maybe goes head-first into this clumsiness, as two former childhood friends revive in adulthood for the first time since their very cumbersome coupling in their youth. If your partner makes you laugh your head off as much as they give you butterflies, you’re quite sure to fall for the comedic and romantic chemistry that is between Ali Wong and Randall Park.

The Notebook

Allie and Noah’s love story which lasts years upon years will never get old. Get some extra tissues before you sit down to watch this classic!

Before Sunrise

Hunky Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy fall in love with each other with their minds and words while taking in a scenic day and night in Vienna.

Destination Wedding

Frank (which is played by Keanu Reeves) and Lindsay (who is played by Winona Ryder) are two uncomfortable people who, by their own admission, shouldn’t be together. After thinking that they’ll never find truelove, they become hopeful thanks to a weekend that they spend together at a wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

When Toula Portokalos falls in love with the perfect guy, she needs to introduce him to her huge, domineering Greek family and break the news that he’s not Greek.

When Harry Met Sally

One of our favourite rom-coms shows how two people – who are committed to staying “friends” – finally give in to true love. It’s as engaging and enjoyable as online casino games, and both sides win!

Romeo + Juliet

Shakespeare’s utmost love story, rendered in Baz Luhrmann’s distinctively pop culture pastiche style—with teenage heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, no less.

Bride and Prejudice

You may already be familiar with Pride and Prejudice’s beginning, middle, and end. However each version of Jane Austen’s classic novel presents new wisdom (and swoon-worthy moments). This movie follows sisters in Amritsar, India who are trying to forge their trails and deal with social conventions.