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Great Alternate Locations For Valentine’s Day


Most people imagine going to a romantic dinner and a movie for their Valentine’s Day, and while this may work for most people, it doesn’t take long for it become fairly boring.

One way of spicing up a Valentine’s date is by taking a partner to a unique and exciting place, one that deviates from the course while still providing plenty of room for romance and closeness.

For those couples that have grown tired of the same Valentine’s tropes and want to try something new, these are the best locations for hosting the ultimate Valentine’s date.

The Beach

The beach makes for the perfect destination for couples that want to spend a few hours alone with one another while also enjoying the gentle crash of the waves.

The beach at night is especially romantic with a bonfire going, a blanket to lie on, and a night sky full of stars to look at. It’s not nearly as conventional as a restaurant but does offer the opportunity for something new.

The Forest

Most countries around the world will have forest reserves that are open for most of the day, and they can make for an unforgettable experience among the tranquillity of nature.

It’s also makes for the chance to have a picnic somewhere quiet and remote where no other people will be, allowing for a more intimate date that won’t suffer from constant noise or interruptions.

Wine Tasting

While it may not be possible to have access to a wine route, for those that do, it can offer a truly spectacular way of spending a day. It means driving along through the countryside and stopping in at various wine cellars to try the various wines that they have on offer.

Many wine tasting sessions will also include a variety of snacks, too, meaning that not only will there be delicious wines to try, but it’s a great way of filling up for lunch. A decent wine tasting session also doesn’t usually cost more than an expensive meal at a restaurant, while also giving the couple the chance to get away from the city from a few hours and enjoy the serenity of the countryside.

Local Markets

It’s easy enough to find an inviting farmers or flea market to visit for a few hours during the day, and plenty of cities around the world will also host night markets for those that want to go out after night has fallen, even if it means missing an evening of pokies online NZ.

There’s food, music, friendly people, and plenty to do and see. Farmers markets are especially appealing, as they will often have a selection of home-grown foods on offer, along with a number of other activities to enjoy.

Aquariums and Zoos

Animal lovers might want to forgo the traditional eateries and instead opt for a day at a zoo or aquarium. It’s the chance to see exotic animals, learn about their lives and habitats, and maybe grab a light lunch at the local cafeteria.