Dating Advice

Red Flags That Can Break A Date


In a perfect world, we only need to go on a single first date to meet the perfect person, after which we can throw in the towel and be happy. But the real world is far from perfect, and it’[s important to recognise and acknowledge that not everyone we meet along the way is gonna be good for us.

Fortunately, before committing more time and effort to a new person, there are a number of red flags to look out for that can make dating both much more difficult but also much easier in the long term.


This might seem innocuous at first glance, but being on time can be a very important trait to have, especially when it comes to a meeting or date. People track time in different ways, and we’re all sometimes a little late, but punctuality says a lot about a person’s overall personality.

Being more than a few minutes late is a good indication that this person either doesn’t respect for the time of others, and that’s a big red flag, as it might lead to further problems down the road. Keep in mind that this only applies when the person doesn’t have a valid excuse for their tardiness.

They’re Pushy

Part of finding that special someone is being comfortable in their presence, and it’s impossible to be comfortable when the person in question has little regard for personal space or patience.

They might want to push you to have another drink or to go back to their place once the date is over, and it’s important to step back for a second and judge whether their behaviour is that of entertainment anyone would love or something a little more sinister. Being pressured into doing something that you are not comfortable with is a major red flag and should be taken seriously, even if the pressure is light – at first.

Their Manner Toward Staff

Perhaps one of the best ways to gauge a new person is by observing how they treat the waiting staff. Waiters and waitresses are there to serve, not to be bullied in any sense, and anyone that takes out their frustration immediately on their waitress is a person that’s not worth the time.

Being respectful of others, patient, and considerate are signs that the person is decent. Remember, if they treat strangers so badly, imagine how they would treat those that are close to them.

Always On The Phone

There are few things worst than going on a date and the person is constantly on their phone. Taking a short phone call is one thing, but texting every few minutes is a sign that they’re either already bored of the situation, or they’re not able to enjoy their lives away from a screen for a while.

It also means that they’re not present in the conversation, and cannot give their attention both to you and their phone, and makes you understand why they’re having a hard time finding a partner.