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How To Know When You’re Ready To Propose


Making a proposal for marriage is one of the biggest decisions that a person can make. It’s a question that changes of the lives of two and sometimes even more people, and everyone hopes that they are asking the right person.

It can be difficult to know when the time is exactly right in a relationship. It’s a huge question, and being declined can be extremely difficult to deal with emotionally, which is why so many might hold back for as long as possible. Here we will look at the signs that a relationship is ready to take the final step.

1. The Relationship Is Strong

A strong, healthy relationship is one that’s defined by a couple that know each other well, that respect each other, and can resolve conflict easily and quickly. It’s about having a partner and a friend, someone that you are able to rely on through all things.

Most people in a long-term relationship will know if they are happy with a person or not, and if they constantly find themselves wishing they were single or with a different person, it’s a good sign that it won’t be a happy marriage.

2. You’ve Spoken About It

While the proposal is meant to be a surprise to a potential spouse, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the two partners haven’t already spent the time talking about the chance of a proposal taking place. For those that want to plan a long-term future together, it’s often a given that a marriage is part of the plan at some point, even if there is no specific date set at any given time.

While this can sometimes put some pressure on the proposer, it more likely means that the two are ready to take things to the next level, and it’s just a matter of waiting until the time is right.

3. Support From Friends And Family

As a proposal is a big deal and should be taken as seriously as possible, it can help to talk to trust friends and family. They can give some advice of their own and might even steer you away if they think that it might be a bad decision.

It’s always important that a person has a strong support system, as having a third-party perspective that can be trusted and is unconditional is important for making big life choices. Always rely on those that you can trust, and if they give their blessing for a marriage, it might be worth heeding what they suggest. It can also help to take some time to think it over a few times, while enjoying your favourite pastimes like Ladbrokes betting.

4. You Live Together

A lot of couples make the mistake of only moving in together once they’ve been married, but this can also lead to serious problems down the line.

A couple that intends to marry one day should first spend at least one year living together to ensure that they are truly compatible. It’s one thing to be in a loving relationship, but another thing completely to spend most of your free time with that person.