Dating Advice

The New Rules for Dating


Technology and new perspectives on gender and sex have had a dramatic effect on the laws of love, and it’s not so simple figuring out who pays for dinner and how long to wait to call after you get together anymore.

In the same way that the online Bingo NZ offers has been updated to suit the times, your dating ideas should be modernised as well! It’s a jungle out there and making sure you’re well-versed in the new social dos and don’ts can really help.

You Can Date Multiple People Simultaneously

You could go on a great date with Person A but then get notifications from the dating service you’ve signed up with that you have another three matches. If you do decide to go this route, however, make sure you’re upfront about it right from the start.

Texting Is No Longer a No-No

Everything happens over text messages now, especially when you’re dealing with Millenials. Just don’t overdo it, and bear in mind that your sense of humour and tone of voice may not translate well in this medium. It’s a fun way to flirt and gives them an idea of who you are, but don’t rely on it as a way to get to know someone properly.

Chivalry’s Different, Not Dead

The plain old fact of the matter is that men still make more money than women do, usually, which is why it’s still pretty standard for them to offer to foot the bill. It’s by no means set in stone, however, so make sure you have a good idea which way your prospective partner leans before the cheque arrives!

Girls Can Ask Guys Out

Playing around with traditional gender roles can be really fun, and a woman making the first move can be a wonderful confidence booster for males usually tasked with the heavy lifting in this department! Thanks to dating apps like Bumble, which requires that women make the first move to bypass any kind of harassment from the get-go, it’s becoming far more accepted, and even welcomed, for women to take the initiative.

You Don’t Need to Wait If You Don’t Want To

There’s long been an idea in the dating world that the cool kids wait at least three days to call a date after they’ve met up, but these kinds of shenanigans are increasingly being viewed as passé. People are looking for honesty, and being viewed as playing games is a possibility if you’re adhering to some old rule about how long to wait before reaching out to someone. Things move a lot more quickly these days, and waiting three days could see you lose the guy, or girl, you were trying to nab by playing it cool in the first place!

Follow Your Gut When It Comes to Chemistry

You don’t have to wait a specific amount of time before sleeping with whomever you’re interested in. Sex on the first date is no longer particularly taboo, and it’s definitely a waste of time seeing someone for a second date when there was no spark on the first!