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Marriage Proposals That Won’t Bankrupt You


You obviously want your marriage proposal to be memorable. Of course you do, else what will you tell your grandchildren later in life? Though, proposing marriage doesn’t have to be bombastic, outrageous, or otherwise cost you a small fortune. If you’re creative, romantic, and it comes from the heart, you can propose marriage on a budget and still have it be truly special.

Here are marriage proposal ideas you can achieve without it costing an arm and a leg.

A Special Hike

Spoiler, nature is very romantic. At least, it is for most people. From sunny meadows to babbling brooks, it all creates a charming atmosphere. So why not propose in a favourite hiking location? Invite your significant other on a hike, look for a particularly beautiful location, and pop the question.

Though, if you’re smart about it you’ll do some planning in advance. Put in the effort, visit the location ahead of time, and set up a beautiful picnic. This is the extra mile that will really make it truly special.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a partner that likes a bit of mystery on a date? Well then look no further than a romantic scavenger hunt. Though, we’re talking about a scavenger hunt that takes your beloved to all your special locations. Yes, it will take planning and effort, but the impact will be well worth it. It’ll be a tour of all your special moments, plus a ring at the end of it. Beautiful!

Backyard Romance

Yes, you’re probably thinking that a backyard proposal sounds a little cheap, but stick with us. We’re not suggesting you relax in the backyard, playing some online slots, then casually ask for marriage. While you may win from a spin, you may not win in love! Gardens can be magical places, especially if it’s a yard where you have memories. Though, assuming you don’t have a backyard, the yard of a friend or family member can be transformed into something special.

With time, effort and creativity a magical wonderland can be created. Think lights, a table with a candle, and a stunningly prepared meal. Add a little music and you have a scene straight out of a romantic masterpiece. Yes, backyards are a wonder if you have the right attitude.

A Special Picnic

You have a local park, everyone does. The great thing about parks is that they’re lovely without having to go to extraordinary lengths. Choose the right park, investigate the weather, and plan a picnic that will take your partner’s breath away.

Again, some preplanning is in order. Set up the picnic in advance, make it magical, and surprise them when their mood is soaring.

The Thought Counts

No matter what you plan, remember that effort and thought count for a lot. If you want it to be special, and put in the time, your partner will love what you’ve done. Spending money on a proposal won’t make it special, putting in the effort will. Remember that and it will be memorable, even if you don’t spend a single cent, much like with dating.

Memories are, after all, priceless. Just don’t forget to find a nice present for the wedding.