Dating Advice

Dating Tips for Married Couples


Just because you are married does not mean that you no longer go on dates.  Married couples, especially those that have children need to spend time alone together to reconnect and spend time together.  We are all busy, but making time to be with your spouse is one of the ways to keep your marriage a happy one.

Do Something Different

Try to do something different on your next date night.  Look out for fun and different things to try, the internet is a great source of new ideas- and an excellent source of the online pokies NZ has to offer too!  Maybe enjoy a cooking class or enjoy a night out on the town.  If you are interested in art look out for a local art exhibition.

Leave your Worries at Home

When out on a date try not to discuss family business, rather conclude anything like this before you leave the house.  It will spoil your evening if you end up discussing things about the house and who wants to bring their worries out with them.

Leave your work problems at work as this can really put a damper on your evening.  After all, your problems will still be there when you get home or to work.

Everyone Loves Surprises

Your date should be something you both look forward to and leave each other notes or send texts to remind each other of how much you want to spend time with one another.  Try to do things that you both have an interest in or that you both love.

Don’t be selfish and only do things that you enjoy. If you want to be really romantic surprise your spouse with something they really enjoy doing, even if it is not your favourite activity.

If you know there is something coming up that your spouse has been talking about make plans to go there and remember do it with a smile on your face even if you do not really enjoy it.  It will make the date even more special.

Most people love surprises and surprising your spouse with a perfect date is a great way to reconnect and show them how much you care.  This is also your chance to show how creative you can be by planning something extraordinary and special.

Keep the Romance Alive

Remember that while you are on your date that you keep the romance alive.  Your date does not have to be flashy or expensive, but having the right attitude can make a romantic evening perfect.

Remember what it was like before you were married and had all the cares and worries of life and remember how you met and what brought you together.  Keeping the romance alive by simple gestures like holding hands and a willingness to show public affection shows that you enjoy being with one another.

Share things with one another, continue to share your hopes and dreams as this will show that you appreciate your past and an expectation of what your marriage will be.  Always dream with one another.