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Budget Date Ideas for a Brilliant Valentines Day


If you are madly in love and want to impress your other half but you’re also on a very tight budget, planning a Valentines Date might be a little tricky.

Your budget is more cream bun than caviar and you can’t afford a fancy night out but you still want to make your loved one feel special.

What can you do? Keep reading, as our great budget Valentines Day date ideas will ensure that you make your other half feel like a million bucks…

Pack your own picnic

If you live near somewhere pretty like a local park or mountainside, why not pack a picnic and whisk your loved one away for a romantic picnic? You can set the scene with a big blanket, rose petals and pretty plates and cutlery.

Cheese and wine is always a good option for a romantic picnic as it can be very cost effective, and you can spend hours lazing around together nibbling on a delicious Camembert or sampling a seductive Brie!

Go on an adventure

If you love urban exploring, hiking or simply checking out new neighbourhoods, why not go on an adventure together? You can explore places you’ve never been and have some fun together creating great memories.

If you live near a beach you may also find there are some secluded coves that are great for watching the sun go down.

Movie marathons

Full your Netflix playlist with romantic movies, create a soft bed in front of the TV and cuddle up for a night of love! A movie marathon with all the best romantic movies is sure to earn you some points, especially if you set the mood and create a wonderful space to relax in.

If movies aren’t your thing but you love playing the Bingo Canada has to offer, you can do this too.

Make your own restaurant

If booking a nice restaurant is way out of your league why not cook dinner at home? But take the idea one step further and create a restaurant atmosphere at home.

Pop some candles on the table, wine or champagne in a cooler and really set the scene with some soft background music. Then you get to play chef and maître’d to your partner for the evening.

Set up a spa night

Run your partner a bath filled with rose petals and essential oils, place candles around it and heat the towels.

Then give them a foot massage while they laze in the bath, and once they are out and dry, give them a back or full body massage too. If you’re brave you can even give them a pedicure or apply a facemask!

Send them on a treasure hunt

If your budget only extends to tiny gifts then set up a treasure hunt for your love and let them go in search of their rewards.

You can draw up personalised clues that are specific to your relationship, making the hunt that much more memorable and special.