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Benefits of Speed Dating


Speed Dating is defined as a formal matchmaking process with the purpose of bringing single people together.  Speed Dating allows you to meet and get to know large numbers of prospective partners within a short time period.  Originally the idea of Antony Beilinsohn, he devised this type of dating in order for single Jewish people to meet and ultimately get married.

A Great Night Out

Speed Dating usually takes place in a bar or club, which means you are able to enjoy a night out with friends and if it doesn’t work out, you still can have some fun with the soccer betting Australia has to offer, over a few drinks.  This type of dating offers much better odds at finding a suitable partner than a normal singles club for example.  You should be able to have a few drinks and meet about 25 prospective dates.  The odds are very high of finding someone suitable for you, but even if you are not successful, at least you can have a great night out with friends enjoying something different.

Speed Dating Saves Time

Life is busy and none of us really have loads of free time to socialise let alone find a suitable partner.  Speed Dating offers three-minute interactions with other people, people you would otherwise never meet.  If you find that you enjoy their company you are free to exchange contact details.  If things do not go well you can move on to the next person without any bad feelings.

No Awkward Silences

Another benefit of Speed Dating is that you do not have to endure awkward silences or look for things to talk about.  You will need to think on your feet as time is of the essences.  Having quick interactions means you try to get to know as much as you can about the person so this usually brings out the best in people.  You only need to spend three minutes with them, so if things are really bad, you do not have to endure hours of agony.

Cost Effective

Speed Dating will not break the bank.  This means you will not need to pay for expensive dating services or employing a professional matchmaker.  There are various companies that facilitate Speed Dating and there are many reasonable sites offering Speed Dating.  Even if you do not find a match at first at least you will not bankrupt yourself trying.

Success Stats

Many studies have been done over the years showing just how successful Speed Dating has been.  Results have shown that the majority of people will make a choice within three seconds of meeting someone.  Further studies have shown that 45% of women and 22% of men that took place in a Speed Dating event make a decision within 30 seconds.

The fact that Speed Dating takes away the pressure of blind dates or trying to meet people in singles clubs has made this type of dating very popular.  Many couples have met while participating in Speed Dating events.  They can be fun and a great way to meet new people, even if you do not find your match at first.  It is fun to try!