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Alternate Valentine’s Dating Ideas


Valentine’s is that special time of the year where romance is in the air, and all of the couples begin to make plans for a night out together. But after doing the same things over and over every year – such as going to a restaurant – it can start to become stale.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways a couple can revitalise their Valentine’s plans, which usually means ditching the same old conventions and trying something new. Not only can it make the date more interesting, but it can add some spontaneity to a relationship. Here we will look at some great ideas for unconventional dates for Valentine’s Day.

Couple’s Cooking Classes

Cooking is one of the best skills in the world to learn, and there’s no better way to learn how to cook than to attend a cooking class. This can be made that much better by going to the cooking class with a partner, making for an ideal date with some tasty treats at the end. Instead of having someone else do all the cooking and not being involved in the process, cooking classes provide the opportunity to learn something new, and then take those skills home to make delicious food together.

A Wine Tour

There are a lot of countries in the world that have regions known for making good wine, and this presents a great chance to go on a wine tour. It can be done both through a professional wine touring service, or by simply jumping into the car and going for a long drive around the vineyards. Tasting wine, having lunch, and seeing the countryside is a great way for a couple to spend the day, and to try out all of the famous wines that are in the area.


Camping might be the first choice for every couple when it comes to Valentine’s day, but it’s also a great way to spend an evening away from the busy city and all of the common Valentine’s cliches. Camping can be a fun and entertaining activity that allows a couple to get in touch with nature, such as seeing all the stars in the night sky in all their glory.

For those couples that have no interest in setting up a tent and sleeping on the floor, glamping is a form of camping that has become extremely popular in recent years.

It’s essentially camping done in a vehicle, making it that much easier to set everything up and enjoying the great outdoors without spending hours fighting with a tent, meaning it’s easy to go straight to playing mobile slots in Canada quickly.

Ice Skating

Another great idea for an evening out is ice skating. Ice skating rinks can be found in most major cities, and there are few better ways of spending a fun evening.

For those that are new to ice skating, it can take some time to get the hang of it, but it’s worth the investment of time, as being able to effortlessly slide over ice on the evening of Valentine’s Day is a truly memorable experience that both partners will cherish forever.