Dating Advice

Top Tips For Making A Great Impression


Dating can be a difficult and overwhelming affair, especially for anyone that’s either never done it before, or who are going it to it again after a long spell being single. There are countless magazines and online articles describing the perfect first date, but all this does is add pressure to a situation that’s already stressful to begin with. Here, we are going to look at some helpful hints for a first date that are based more in the interactions between two normal human beings rather than a romantic fiction.

Be Clean

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind before leaving the house, and it can make a massive difference when meeting a completely new person. It’s not necessary at all to go overboard, caking yourself in tons of aftershave or perfume is just going to the other end of the spectrum. Rather, just make sure that you bathe/shower properly, find clothing that’s clean and comfortable, and make sure that your hair and teeth are brushed well. It takes a minor amount of effort to be clean, but it can totally make or break a new relationship.

Be Conscious

Being conscious seems like an easy thing to do, but there are millions of people out there that just aren’t really aware of their surroundings. Being conscious means taking the time to listen to the person you’re talking to, reading their body language to make sure they’re comfortable, being kind, thoughtful, and sincerely interested. There’s nothing worse than going out with a person for the first time, and they spend the entire evening focused on themselves while simultaneously being rude to the waiting staff. It’s a huge turn off for anyone, and a great way to destroy a first date before it’s even gotten started.

Try And Relax

With any big event, it’s usually our nerves that end up being our biggest problem and forcing us to make mistakes where we would otherwise get along just fine. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous on a first date, but it’s also important to try and remain as relaxed as possible. Breathing exercises are a great place to start; focussing on breathing is a passive way of lowering your heart rate without too much effort, but playing bingo for Aussies is another good method. Providing a relaxing environment allows for more natural conversation to take place, and removes the weird silences that often accompany a date when one or both parties are racked with nerves.

Avoid The Social Paradigms

Television, movies, and romance novels have given us a twisted view of what a date is meant to be about, and it can sometimes become a problem for those that can’t seem to have a decent experience. Taking roses is a nice thought, but it’s even more important to be considerate and thoughtful; and while many people make a big fuss about who pays for what, if your date has gone successfully, smaller things like that won’t really matter, and both parties will organically find a way to move forward together.