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3 Top Tips for Dating After Divorce


Unfortunately not all marriages have a happy ending, but this does not mean that you cannot find love again.  Reasons for failed marriages range from being too young when getting married, being incompatible, falling out of love and many other reasons.  For some it is easy to start dating again while for others it may take more time.  Here are a few helpful tips to help you jump back in when you are ready.

1. Meet Face to Face

One of the most popular ways to find a date is online, and just like when enjoying the sports betting NZ has to offer, you need to pick a reputable site! Interestingly, research has shown that the majority of couples who meet online stay together.

In the beginning chatting online is a great way of connecting, but you cannot really know someone until you meet him or her face to face.  Before the meeting first do a Skype call or a video chat that can make the first real meeting a little less stressful and you can get a sense of the person.

You will need to have a real date rather sooner than later and if the person is not for you, you know you can move on.

2. Be Honest

When making use of online dating there is always the temptation to paint yourself in a different way, but you are who you are and you should be proud of it.  Creating a false picture of yourself can also result in trying to live up to an image that is not the real you and this is never good.

This will also cause undue stress.  Another way of really getting to know someone is social media, people tend to share much about themselves using this platform.  Being open about yourself does not mean that you have to share all your secrets immediately as it may be off-putting for your date who may not be ready for such intimacy.  Take your time; this process does not need to be rushed.

3. Do Not Talk About Your Ex

Probably one of the most important tips is to leave your ex out of this relationship, you may not talk about them but you may bring them unconsciously into your new relationship.  This can be shown in your attitude and the topics you choose to talk about.

Do not bad mouth your ex and do not include emotional insecurities in your online profile.  Make sure you are ready to date and that you truly have put your past relationship behind you.

It is natural to feel grief over a failed marriage, but this does not mean that you should look for your ex in your future relationships, by doing this you may miss out on your perfect match.

You may subconsciously be looking for the qualities of your ex and this is never a good thing.  Be sure to look at your new date with an open mind and never compare them to your ex.